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Joomla or Wordpress - Which do I choose?

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Joomla or Wordpress? You may think your answer here is a no brainer or may not really have an idea. ConCom website design can build you a website using either platform, but we tend to sway towards Joomla.

Joomla is most definitely the way to go. WordPress is great if you just want the basics like a blog and simple content management but Joomla provides that and much more.
With Joomla, you can create complex sites very easily & therefore cost effectively. We often use Joomla to create website that utilise eCommerce, business directories, forums & much more 

With proper configuration, Joomla is so more secure and with proper configuration can also perform very well within the world SEO
Joomla is constantly evolving and working on ways to be more and more user friendly and its exciting times ahead with Joomla 3.5 just around the corner.

Using Joomla or Wordpress. These are probably both equal when it comes to design and templates available to use. Offering themed templates and options to customize.

The features offered by Joomla make it much easier and more user friendly.
Content Versioning will automatically save changes to your work as new versions and keep the old in case you need to revert. The Joomla APP store now makes it much easier to add plugins as well.

Joomla now offers a completely renovated template system with updated bootstrap for creating Responsive Websites & now allows you to make many changes without FTP access.

The Joomla media manager makes it easier to handle all of your mime type settings in order to handle any type of media file. The media manager is incorporated into the article editor making it easy to grab media files and adding them on the fly.

Content, Content, Content!!! Joomla also allows you to easily integrate RSS feeds and content from other places right into your site. Your users can also have your content delivered right to their favorite RSS reader.

The extensions that can be added to Joomla seem to be endless. Everything from newsletters to mobile apps. WordPress just does not compare. If basic is all you want then WordPress may be okay for you but if you want a site that is just going to make everyone say wow then Joomla is the way to go!

Want coordinate events on the Web? Joomla has apps for that. From Event Calanders, Restaurant booking systems or ticket sales. Joomla has the ability to bring everyone together when the time is right for you.

Guestbooks, surveys, forms and polls. Joomla is your place for everything. With so many choices, your site will forever be ahead of the curve. Incorporating everything you could possibly need could never be easier.

All of this can be overwhelming and we summarise very easily.

If you just want a very simple Blog type website Wordpress will be OK for you, but anything more, we suggest using Joomla - We love Joomla so much that we actually would create a simple, basic blog site using Joomla too, unless you speciffically want to use Wordpress.

Trying to decide what features of Joomla that you want to use and which ones are just not right for you. With so much to choose from, making the wrong decision can happen easily. ConCom Website design are highly trained to work with you and your needs.  We want to know what is right for you and we want to help you come to the best decisions for your site. We are ready to make the WOW factor for your website a standard option. 

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