Wednesday, 30 March 2011 14:03

Call 0800 number free from your mobile phone

Written by Andy Connell
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Mobile Operators are charging you to call Freephone numbers

Why are we being charged to a call a Freephone number?

There's actually no reason as it's not really costing the Mobile Operator anything.

We're a bit tired of it, so were happy to promote a new service from TTNC. They have a new service that will allow you to call any Freephone number from your UK mobile and avoid the overpriced charges.

How can you avoid these charges?

Dial 01600 700 800, enter the freephone number you want to call and press the # key. Your call will then connect as normal.

This is completely free to use, there's no registering to use it and the call to our number will be treated as any other call you make to a UK landline, which means you won't have to pay for it; it'll just be included in the minutes you get from your Mobile Operator, or if you're on Pay As You Go, the call will be charged the same as any other landline call.

For more information about this service from TTNC, follow this link


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