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Mobile Friendly Websites - Responsive Website Design

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Responsive Website Design - RWD Responsive Website Design - RWD

Responsive Web Design

When you want to set yourself online, the type of website that you decide to go with is going to end up playing a huge factor into your site authority and overall traffic. There is more to doing web design than just making a good looking web site. Your website should not just look good when you view it from your computer’s browser, but it should also maintain its quality when it is viewed from mobile devices. In order to make sure that your site visitors are getting the best experience possible, you are going to have to go with a technique known as responsive web design.


Maintaining Website Quality and Increasing Search Results

Responsive web design allows for you to create a mobile friendly website that will be just as clear on any device as it is on a computer screen. This is a factor that is becoming more and more important, as mobile devices are becoming the main way that people are accessing the web. Mobile friendly sites are also better for web search results. When a potential site visitor uses their mobile device to look up searches related to your website, google will give mobile ready websites priority over yours. The reason for this, is due to the fact that search engines like Google want to ensure that people using their service are able to have the best experience possible. The search engine sees these mobile sites as being able to best show its content on any smart phone or tablet. 

With the difference in language that you are going to find on the different types of devices, it is important that you focus on a site that is going to look great. Making a website that looks great is only part of the process. You are also going to have make sure that your load speed is as fast as it can be without the change in platform slowing it down any. If you have a website that has a tendency to lag when it is loading up or if you have a website that loads quick on a PC but ends up struggling on a mobile, the chances that people are going to leave your site right away is high. To make sure that your website is getting the conversions that you are looking for, you are going to need a high amount of traffic and you are going to want them to spend a good amount of time viewing your content.


Building a Responsive Website

With designing a responsive website, it is important that every extension that is on your website is responsive. The goal of using this kind of site is to make sure that it always looks perfect, no matter what the platform is. Mobile website design as its own unique challenges that differ from making a traditional website. The different models of mobile devices can have a huge impact on the ability of your web site to retain its quality. There are other ways that you can get your website to look good on a mobile device such as making an app to direct traffic to your website. With these kinds of methods, they generally end up costing more than if you were to make a responsive website from the start. It is also easier to make sure that crawlers can find your website with this kind of design.

To best display the content about your company or product, there might additional extensions that you are going to want included on your website. The types of extensions that can be included, can be as simple as just adding videos and ads to your website. With these extensions, if you end up adding too many to your website or if you include extensions that are not on the same level of responsiveness as your website, you are going to find your site suffering from slow load times. These extensions may also end up not being optimized the proper way or a mobile platform and can your website lose some of its aesthetic value and can even make it difficult for your visitors to use your website. 


Joomla! for Responsive Website Design

Some of the best results you can get come from creating a website in Joomla!. Creating a mobile friendly Joomla! website can give you a cost effective way to make your website mobile friendly. When you end up buying a domain, many times the option to use this platform is included within your membership. Mobile friendly Joomla! website design is something that will be a great asset when it comes to your user experience. This method has been around for many years, but with the booming mobile device industry, the demand for these kinds of websites has only been increasing. Joomla! can optimize your website to be able look just as great on an iPad as it does on an android device.

Out of all the different website builders that are available, few are able to give you the same results with responsive sites that you get with Joomla!. Being able to generate the perfect user experience and making sure that you are able to take advantage of the practices that are going to make it so search engines will give you an extra boost on the results is becoming more and more important for getting your sites noticed.

If you find yourself struggling with getting traffic to your website, you might want to consider reworking your current design to be responsive. Mobile friendly designs are quickly becoming more and more important. This exponential growth has been showing itself as being one of the corner stones for anyone who is looking to establish themselves with a good presence. Sometimes when you first start to work on this, you might try to go with a simpler and more traditional designed site, but by going this route, you are costing your site and business potential business.

If you want a consulting session on the various options that you can go with and learn more about what it is going to take to upgrade your website to be mobile friendly, contact us today!

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