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Set up Microsoft Exchange BASIC only

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Set up in Mac mail

As usual, click the + sign to add a new account and fill in your name, email address and password on the next screen. Once done, click continue.



On the next screen you need to choose whether you want to access your mailbox using POP or IMAP. We recommend IMAP which will keep your email on the server as well as showing it in your email application, phone and webmail.

POP is an older way to access mailboxes which allows you to pull down all your email and leave nothing on the server. Don’t choose it unless you have a specific reason to do so.


Click continue and then fill in the Outgoing Mail Server as in the screenshot below (using your own username/password of course!)


On the next screen, make sure to clear the “Use Secure Sockets Layer” box and set authentication to Password then click Continue.


If you see a Verify Certificate box, click the “Always trust....” box and then click Connect" Everything should now be setup and ready to go!


Set up in Outlook

Click on + to add a new account

Type in your email address and password

username is your email address


incoming server:

outgoing server:

Then click ADD ACCOUNT

Set up in iPad/iPhone

The MSE BASIC mailbox doesn’t come with iphone/ipad sync functionality but you can still set it up using IMAP or POP3 by following the guide below.
If you would prefer to upgrade your basic mailbox to a full iphone/ipad compatible box, please contact us we can upgrade you instantly without any loss of data.

First add account and choose Other


Tap Add Mail Account


Enter your email address, password, description





...and that’s it. Once you click Next, your device should be setup 

Other Setup Info

Other imap/pop/smtp applications setup

Your SMS Basic mailbox will support any application or device which uses industry standard IMAP/POP/SMTP standards.

Although it would be impossible for us to support every application with step by step instructions, they all tend to ask for the same setup information. You should be able to use the information below to set anything up from an email application, to a compatible fax machine.

Please note, not all devices are made to be compatible with industry standards. We often find that photocopiers/fax machines and other devices have poorly written email interfaces which makes them fail to setup. This is not a failure with your mailbox.


Incoming Mail Server -

username - your mailbox email address

password - your mailbox password

Protocol - IMAP (or IMAP4)

Port - 143



Incoming Mail Server -

username - your mailbox email address

password - your mailbox password

Protocol - POP (or POP3)

Port - 110

SSL - Off

SMTP SETUP (outbound email server setup)

Outbound Mail Server -

Authentication - ON using same credentials as incoming

username - your mailbox email address

password - your mailbox password

Protocol - SMTP

Port - 587


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