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Full Exchange setup on Outlook 2013 in Windows

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Start by making sure Outlook is closed then select the Start button and select Control Panel

In the Control Panel change your view to Small icons(optional) then select Mail.


In the next Window choose Show Profiles and then select Add

Name the profile whatever you would like then press OK

Now you should see the Auto Account Setup window.

Fill in the four required fields and select Next


It will now go through a series of tick boxes like the below, if you get a pop-up box trying to connect you through to select Allow (you mayalso want to tick ‘don’t ask me about this again’)


If prompted for your login details, your email address goes in the top box and thenyour current mailbox password in the second


If all goes well you should see the following window.

Select Finish, close all windows,open Outlook and start using your email!



Your exchange email should now be set up!

If for any reason the automatic setup has failed, please contact us


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Android Device Exchange setup

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Windows 8 Phone exchange setup

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Set up Microsoft Exchange BASIC only

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Set up in Mac mail

As usual, click the + sign to add a new account and fill in your name, email address and password on the next screen. Once done, click continue.



On the next screen you need to choose whether you want to access your mailbox using POP or IMAP. We recommend IMAP which will keep your email on the server as well as showing it in your email application, phone and webmail.

POP is an older way to access mailboxes which allows you to pull down all your email and leave nothing on the server. Don’t choose it unless you have a specific reason to do so.


Click continue and then fill in the Outgoing Mail Server as in the screenshot below (using your own username/password of course!)


On the next screen, make sure to clear the “Use Secure Sockets Layer” box and set authentication to Password then click Continue.


If you see a Verify Certificate box, click the “Always trust....” box and then click Connect" Everything should now be setup and ready to go!


Set up in Outlook

Click on + to add a new account

Type in your email address and password

username is your email address


incoming server:

outgoing server:

Then click ADD ACCOUNT

Set up in iPad/iPhone

The MSE BASIC mailbox doesn’t come with iphone/ipad sync functionality but you can still set it up using IMAP or POP3 by following the guide below.
If you would prefer to upgrade your basic mailbox to a full iphone/ipad compatible box, please contact us we can upgrade you instantly without any loss of data.

First add account and choose Other


Tap Add Mail Account


Enter your email address, password, description





...and that’s it. Once you click Next, your device should be setup 

Other Setup Info

Other imap/pop/smtp applications setup

Your SMS Basic mailbox will support any application or device which uses industry standard IMAP/POP/SMTP standards.

Although it would be impossible for us to support every application with step by step instructions, they all tend to ask for the same setup information. You should be able to use the information below to set anything up from an email application, to a compatible fax machine.

Please note, not all devices are made to be compatible with industry standards. We often find that photocopiers/fax machines and other devices have poorly written email interfaces which makes them fail to setup. This is not a failure with your mailbox.


Incoming Mail Server -

username - your mailbox email address

password - your mailbox password

Protocol - IMAP (or IMAP4)

Port - 143



Incoming Mail Server -

username - your mailbox email address

password - your mailbox password

Protocol - POP (or POP3)

Port - 110

SSL - Off

SMTP SETUP (outbound email server setup)

Outbound Mail Server -

Authentication - ON using same credentials as incoming

username - your mailbox email address

password - your mailbox password

Protocol - SMTP

Port - 587


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MS Exchange iPhone/iPad Setup

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Auto Setup

Choose the following menus

Settings > Mail, contacts,calendars > Add Account...




Simply enter your  Email address and password then click Next. The system should go away for a few seconds, verify the connection and then show the final screen with everything marked on.

You can of course choose not to sync any of these items by marking them off but most people will want them all on.

Press save and that’s all there is to it.

Note, it will take a few minutes for your email to start syncing so dont worry if you go into the mail application and you get an error or nothing is in there. It will start to work over the next few minutes.

ios auto exchange 2

If you were asked more questions than these then you should follow the manual setup guide which follows on the next few pages. 

iPhone/iPad (manual setup)

 Choose the following menus

Settings > Mail, contacts,calendars > Add Account...



Choose Exchange and you should see the next screen appear

Enter the full email address of the mailbox you’re setting up, the password you chose and tap next.

On the Next screen:

Enter the server name which is :

Leave the Domain field blank

In the Username field enter your email address again

Finally the password and tap next



If all goes well, you’ll see the following screen where you can choose which features you wish to synchronise then press Save.



Note, it will take a few minutes for your email to start syncing so don’t worry if you go into the mail application and you get an error or nothing is in there. It will start to work over the next few minutes.

Occasionally the phone may stop syncing in which case deleting and re-adding the account as you’ve just done above will get it working again.

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Set up for MS exchange in Outlook 2011

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Double click the Outlook 2011 icon to start it and if it asks you to create an account, choose Exchange and follow the instructions. If it does not ask you to setup an account, call up Outlook - Preferences - Accounts and then enter your account information.


Enter your Email address, set method to User Name and Password. Username is your email address again, and Password is your mailbox password then click Add Account.


Outlook should ask you if it’s ok to allow the Exchange Server to configure outlook. You should tick Always use my response for this server and click Allow.


If all has gone well, you should see something like the below screenshot and the dot by the account name should turn from amber to green. You can close that window and start using Outlook 2011



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Set up full MS exchange email in Apple Mail

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Apple Mail (auto setup)

Fire up Apple mail by clicking on the stamp icon and then go to the FILE menu and choose ACCOUNTS - you should see the window below.


Click the EXCHANGE image and it should take you to the add account section (cont.) 

The Name: should be your name

Email address: your email address

Password: is the Password you chose 

In most cases you should see something like this 


Click continue and you should see 


...and that’s all there is to it!

If you do not see the account summary page after initially adding your username & password, you will need to enter some extra details manually.

Enter the email address in the email address box, the full email address as the user name, leave the domain field blank, enter as the server and press done
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Using OWA - Outlook Web application

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Web Mail, or OWA as it’s known in Exchange, is a great way to access your email wherever you are without having to setup an email application. As long as you have access to a web browser, you should be able to get into your email.

Using OWA is very easy, in any web browser, go to the address:- 

You should see something like this 


Login using your email address/password and you will be able to see your email/calendar/ contacts and send/receive emails.

Help can be found here

OWA may not work properly with certain browsers such as google chrome. If you have problems with one browser, try another like firefox or safari.

Outlook Web App - hints & tips

Can I change the colour of the web app?

You can change the theme of webmail by logging in and clicking options - Select a Theme

Can I setup an out of office reply?
Yes, go to options - Set Automatic Replies. Remember to setup messages for people both inside and outside your organisation if you want everyone to get a message. Remember that people will only receive one out of office message for you. The next time the same person emails, they won’t receive another OOF.

How do I set up a signature?
Options - Settings - E-mail Signature. You can use HTML but remember that the more fancy you try to make it, the more chance it has of looking weird on some peoples’ machines and the more likely it is to get your email listed as a spam/junk email. Try to keep signatures short with only the absolutely necessary information.

How do I force a signature to every email sent from everyone in the organisation?
This is called an email Disclaimer and is an additional low cost option available by contacting us.
We can automatically add a signature/disclaimer to everyone’s email without you having to set each one up individually. Great for compliance.

How do I change my password?
Just login and go to Options - Settings - Change Password. Specify the current password and then the new password twice. This is the fastest way to set the password but please be aware that the old password will continue to work for a short time afterwards. This is normal.

How do I change my password if I don’t know my current password?
We can change your password for you. Contact us for further assistance.

I’m still getting too much spam/junk email?
Spam email increases every day and although basic spam filtering is included in your exchange package, if you want a much improved anti-spam package for just a few pence a month, We can add an additional SPAM protection system as an additional low cost.